Hotel Dauphin Bleu - Ankify -Madagascar (Nosy Be, Ambanja)

Ambanja - Nosy Be
N o r d -  M a d a g a s k a r


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Our endeavours

We are utterly convinced that respecting the local environment and consuming local products serve short and long-term native people’s interest. Our endeavour is stated in 10 points.

Testimonies and Gold book

We are proud to welcome you at le Ankify Lodge and even prouder when you tell us you are happy ! You can also suggest, grumble, complain... Your page

The updated news on the Ankify Lodge

Events, new activities, parties, projects... We want to share with you the team’s daily life. This is somehow our way to welcome you in our marvellous universe. The news.

Ankify Lodge’s storyline

This large house has lived through the post-colonial history of the region. we would like to show you what is likely the origin of its charm and atmosphere. A chapter of the past.



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